Interview with Anamaria Prelipcean, the creative mind behind  Annema The Brand !

Hi, Anamaria !

1.FM24 is happy to start this series of questions with you regarding your brand and the impact you want to make in the fashion industry.

You are a young designer who has grown fast and is already catching the eyes of fashion lovers from all fields: actors, singers, influencers, etc.We would love to know a little bit more about yourself and about the vision that you want to share with the world through your amazing designs.

Anamaria: I am happy aswell to get  the chance to talk a bit about how Annema started and what is the message it wishes to spread among fashion lovers. To start with myself, I am a young designer with an entrepreneur sense born in Suceava, Romania.I have discovered my passion for design while I was taking part in shootings and shows as a fashion model.That is the moment I understood that I belong to fashion and….that fashion belongs to me!

2.FM24: Your brand has a very original approach.We would love to see your views behind Annema The Brand.

Anamaria: What it looks like simple imagination is in fact the result of many studies and art….and just like art every piece of clothing is the result of a very precise combination between mathematical measures, chemistry of materials, shapes, colors and , of course, pure divine inspiration!

I like to use simple female cuts, to which I add details such as feathers, chains, stones, crystals, lace etc. I care a lot in proportions, I work very geometrically, I try to reshape the female body.

3.FM24: What is the history behind Annema, when did it start?

Anamaria: Between 2015 and 2018, ANNEMA got the roots wide spread in order to identify its future journey, and now it is the right time it gets public.

Public but not messy, for why ANNEMA is the perfect combination between comfort and confidence.

The ANNEMA brand brings to the forefront the personality of the 21st century woman who does not want to stand out at any price, being remarked by the classical feminine outfit but with its own accents that define her personality and support her attitude.

The MUST item from ANNEMA is the bodice with feathers, buckles and lace. You can wear it directly on your skin or over a simple shirt or dress.

Every piece of ANNEMA has its own personality, 90% of them being unique, all made out of love for art.

4.FM24: One word about Annema would be….

Anamaria: Attitude !

5.FM24: And a short definition of fashion for you is…?

Anamaria : Simple, classic but also sophisticated things!

6.FM24: Most fashionable city for you, favourite style/brand and your ‘MUST’ have item are…?

Anamaria: I would say New York, Washington and others…..i basically like the fashion vibe from SUA, I find myself there. You do not have to respect certain rules of fashion, you just have to adapt any concept to your own personal style, that’s why we are all different but in the end, so identical.Regarding brands…I  like Alexander Wang from San Francisco, Anna Campbell from Australia, and also one of the biggest brands on the market – Yves Saint Laurent.

FM24: Your wish for the future of the fashion world would be ..?

Anamaria: Originality, quality and harmony in shapes and colors…I hope Annema will contribute to that !

7.FM24: Thank you for the interview, Anamaria ! It was a real pleasure to have this talk with you and get to know more about you and Annema.We can’t wait to see your future surprises. We’ll be watching Annema from very close !

Anamaria: Thank you myself! I will make sure i give my best to this industry ! Stay connected with the latest news on my website and instagram: ,

simple, classic but also sophisticated


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