TRICKY FREAKY collection #18

TRICKY FREAKY is a non-conformist collection that brings to the forefront the mix of models, both female and male.

Yes, it is a collection dedicated to independent women who do not want at all costs to assert themselves, will inevitably be in the spotlight because of the combination of the importance of the outfit and its attitude.

Natural leather is the material that is predominant in this collection, combined with metal elements, chantilly lace, buckle overlays, the lurex is accessed with chains and metal zips, and the leather and latex are accessed with everything that means closure systems, drapes, agglomerations with glass buttons, safety pins, zippers, etc., all of which are applied on the face in the ANNEMA style.

TRICKY FREAKY collection #18

The presentation took place at the BUCHAREST FASHION PHILOSOPHY event. The collection was presented by 10 professional models, 5 girls and 5 boys, all of them wearing feminine make-up, brand MIRELA VESCAN. The footwear was signed by MUSETTE, the hats were MARIA PALARIA, SALON FASON hairstyles, and some of the models were from ETOILES MODELS.

Models: Iuliana Calancea, Diana Matei, Denisa Matei, Andreea Zgorcea, Constantin Robert, Dobre Dan George, Adrian Dragomir, Alex Basma, Rodica Vlasceanu, Diana Mirela.

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